Valid Special Offers: 

To use our speical internet offers, use the codes 


  • Any commercial work over $5,000.00 we will give 10% off. Code: 0115
  • Replace existing service panel with an automatic panel 200amp 40 spaces for 20% off.
  • New bathroom fans ultra quiet  10% off.
  • Recessed lights units with bulb and trim standard white, standard ceiling, total labor and material 20% off anything over $500.00
  • Any work outside of your property 20% off on any work over $680.00
  • Light fixture maintenance for commercial and industrial applications. 20% off on any work over $1,200.00
  • All the above prices is an estimate. We need to look at the job site to make sure if we need any more materials. 



Automatic generator using natural gas for home and commercial property's.          

Call us we have special deals depending on certain months of the year.

If your power goes off  the generator turns your electricity on and it will stay on. After the power comes back on line the generator will turn it self off. It works on natural gas so you never need to do anything. If you are away and the power goes off our automatic generator will start and stop each time and will keep your home safe. If you have power failures, call us we will solve your problem.